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Information for Artists (Vendors)

About Us

The EroBits store is run by a team of experts working in the adult entertainment niche since 2001. We're open to collaboration with newbies and established artists. Let's rock together!

What types of products?

Image sets, animations, comics, games. Btw, we are always open to expanding our product line to include new and exciting media and technology. Contact us if you have something different from what we currently sell.

How much can you earn?

We're using a revenue share model for vendors (artists) and affiliates (advertisers/resellers). Artists are paid 50% of Erobits' Net revenue. If you combine your earnings as a vendor with our affiliate program, you will be paid up to 80% of the store's Net income!

I have Patreon / my own website / I sell my products in other store(s)...

If you’re already posting on Patreon, it’s very likely that you’ll benefit from releasing in our store as well. Here’s why: many artists aren’t aware that they can make considerably more money through our store vs their Patreon (especially in the early stages), because Patreon leaves you in charge of your own marketing and promotion. At EroBits we handle the promotion of your product for you. Furthermore, even if you are currently doing well on Patreon, you could potentially double your income on balance, seeing as many 3DX consumers prefer to buy individual products rather than pay for a recurring subscription. By selling your products in our store, you can cater to both customer bases.

The same story for your own website / another store - for the best sales results we recommend you to list your products in the EroBits Store as well as in your own or other stores, because each store has its separate source of traffic and they do stack. Even though you may sell at a higher margin in your own store, our store’s traffic almost always makes up for the higher commission the store receives. We strongly advise you not to put all of your eggs in one basket. For the best comparison, list your product in Erobits store and in your own store at the same time. See how it affects your sales. There’s nothing stopping you from listing in both stores.

Moreover, listing products in our store helps grow your brand and generates additional sales and subscriptions to your own site(s), other stores and Patreon! Many visitors will search your artist name on Google before and/or after purchasing your product(s).

Please bear in mind our affiliate program. You can benefit not just from your own products, but from all products in the store as well!

Any more perks for me?

Yes! We can help you with the design of your product promotional materials and give you some tips to improve the quality of your content (if necessary).

How to become a vendor?

Please contact us and send some of your best work. This could be anything from an image set from your Twitter feed or even your own website. We will review your work and get the registration process started. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are just a beginning author. Email to get started today!

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